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Dear karate enthusiast,

After 2 years of R&D (research and development), analyzing the essential characteristics, preferences and attributes among karate practitioners worldwide, the Seishin karate suit is finally available to you. 

White, crispy, sharp, snappy & super comfortable.

Just like you want it!

Using crowdfunding and social media, the gi initially launched to a small group of self-proclaimed karate nerds, generating $27,130 in just 21 days with contributors from 17 countries - successfully kickstarting the production of Seishin; "The People's Gi".

Now, the buzz has reached you!

With a few clicks, you can get your Seishin karate gi. 
Created by karate people, for karate people.

Loved by Japanese masters, international instructors and karate enthusiasts all over the world, including Okinawa - karate's birthplace.

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